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Alma Adventure means Soul Adventure

It is our mission to contribute 5% of revenue on projects and rentals each year.  This year our company will encourage investment in ROMP Global (Range of Motion Project).  ROMP is a worldwide presence and is driven by the goal of getting more people with physical disabilities into the prosthetic support that they need to continue living a life of adventure and purpose. That is something WE can definitely get behind! 
Please use the code: 'ALMAADVENTURE' when booking trips or rentals from the companies featured on this site.  These companies have committed to donating 5% of your booking revenue to this amazing non-profit!
In the spring of 2017, our mobile clinic van was stolen in Guatemala city leaving our staff in Guatemala without a way to reach our patients in other cities and countries. We have been working hard to raise the money to buy a new mobile van. This mobile van allows our staff to travel to patients' homes in rural Guatemala and even Honduras and Mexico. If you can imagine, having an amputation in Latin American makes it extremely difficult to leave your home, let alone travel across the country or international borders. ROMP is able to cast and measure patients in their homes, return to the clinic to mold and finish sockets, and deliver the finished prosthetic limb to the patients. 

ROMP (Range of Motion Project)

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For more information on the mission of Alma Adventure or to Inquire about adding your business to this site, please contact us at almaadventure@gmail.com
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